For a harmonious relationship, you need to talk with each other at least five hours a week


harmonious relationship

For a harmonious relationship, you need to talk with each other at least five hours a week

each other

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Today’s life of anyone living in a metropolis resembles a race. We do and solve a huge number of cases at the same time: work problems, domestic troubles, children’s issues, while finding time for ourselves and entertainment … the more we do, the more successful we look and the more we are proud of ourselves. However, most of us are incredibly passive when it comes to personal relationships.

each other

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To apologize to a friend? It’s easier to post a card with a cute kitten and saucer eyes on its “wall” in profile. Conflict with parents? Money for a greenhouse or a new fence will clear our conscience from the painful thoughts on the eternal theme raised by the classic. Qualità degli steroidi anabolizzanti sul mercato nero 358 campioni analizzati Need a conversation with loved ones? We put it off until the last so as not to make decisions. Not happy with a personal relationship? We tear them to plunge into a new novel or pull the strap of obsolete attachments, fearing loneliness, as a result, life turns into a sticky gum that has lost its taste.

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We are scared to resolve issues related to relationships, because we have not been taught to do this. Among other things, personal relationships with us are often tied to something material. Relations in the pure state is almost gone. We are dependent on each other, and when the time comes to make decisions, we avoid this because we are afraid to lose not the person, but the benefits associated with it. Aerobik Not necessarily, by the way, material. The circle of communication, a sense of security, established life and so on.

Deciding sometimes the final conversation is not easy. It is so scary to take the wrong step, offend or lose someone who has long been part of your life. We are afraid to be misunderstood, but often do not understand ourselves what we really want from our loved ones. Bodybuilder ersetzt Lebensmittel durch Urin Harmony, however, comes only in conversation, when all the points are placed above the “i”, when the soul is calm and comfortable.

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Psychologists say that for a harmonious relationship you need to talk with each other at least five hours a week. This applies to everyone: friends, parents, children, husbands and wives. This is not about talking on formal everyday topics, but about talking about ourselves, thoughts, feelings, feelings, interests and plans. Bodybuilding Verbrennen Sie mehr Körperfett mit Tri Why are lovers so good together? Because their attention is drawn to each other. They are interested in getting to know each other, they are really talking. Thoughts framed in words spoken to loved ones – this is the first brick of a happy general old age and a warm home. The happiest families are not those who live separately, but those who have something to say to each other. We all want the same thing: to be loved, understood, accepted. This is what our loved ones want. Farmacologia A warm house – the rear and the place for those closest and loved ones – is not a fashionable interior of a certain number of meters, these are people who inhabit it and come there because it is good there. To learn to hear again, you need to listen and ask. To be heard, you need to tell.

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